Edible Garden


Little Dolphins strives to create a green community that recognizes the interconnectedness of all living systems. We are a school where mutual respect and concern for our world is translated into action.

Nature is an essential medium for kids to learn to trust and observe how we belong and connect with: how things grow, how we can make a difference in the care of plants, and how we learn to observe the beauty and the patterns in geometry within growing vegetables and flowers. We play among them in our secret gardens and through the movement and mazes, we become one with nature.

In keeping consistent with our mission of environmental education, when we moved campuses, we executed an adaptive re-use of the former building of the current Little Dolphins' campus from its previous use, to one appropriate for early childhood education. It was our hope that by modeling the principles of ecology to our children at a very early age, they would develop a deep understanding and sense of responsibility for the environment. This core value has become the backbone our environmental awareness program and are thrilled that we are able to teach our edible garden program from our own green campus.

Our outdoor space was designed as an outdoor classroom and we are fortunate to have a large space that lends itself to environmental learning and play. Young children learn through process and play. By creating an outside space with a swing set, raised agricultural beds, and a sand box, and breakout spaces for outside art, we have created an environment especially conducive to outdoor play. In this environment, children hone developmentally appropriate physical and social skills. By placing trees around the yard, we provide shade and more oxygen. A raised bed edible garden provides an example of a managed ecosystem. Students gain experience in the garden and learn about the origins of food and all living systems. Students and teachers work together to harvest flowers and vegetables, strengthening our community and our responsibility to the earth.

a green community

teaching environmental awarness and respect

the green committee

part of a larger global community

The Green Committee strives to find ways our school and our children can give back to our environment. On Fridays, we encourage the kids to bring trash free lunches. Committee members have helped lead lunch time cleanups with the kids, so they can take pride in caring for their school. Little Dolphins has also moved to more eco-friendly snack-time materials with the help and encouragement of our committee. We look forward to continuing to keep our school sustainable and our earth green.

Absorbing these lessons from an early age, Little Dolphins students know that they are members not only of their school’s community, but of the larger global community as well.