Parent Volunteers are at the core of our Little Dolphins Community and parent engagement and participation is essential to the overall the Little Dolphins experience.

As Little Dolphins parents, each and every parent is part of this committee automatically.

As Little Dolphins parents, each and every parent is automatically a member of this committee and typically is expected to contribute to the committee throughout the year. By intentionally joining, however, you are expressing an interest to support the committee with preparations, scheduling, encouraging others to participate, along with other specific needs the committee will have during the year. There is no artistic skill set prerequisite needed to participate in the workshop. All you need is the willingness to give your time and support.

The Art Workshop is a critical aspect of the school’s essence. Research has demonstrated, and we have seen it over the course of our three decades of work, that a parent’s participation in their child’s school leads to higher levels of connectivity to their child’s development, which enhances the child’s confidence and esteem building in the child. The way that many parents believe they connect the best here at Little Dolphins is through the Art Workshop.

For the most part, support is needed each and every month. Remember, whether you are talented artistically or simply want to be a part of the process without any specific artistic skill set, your support and energy is appreciated and much needed!   If you choose to be a part of the Art Workshop committee, we look forward to working with you.

Throughout the years, we have celebrations and plays that require more parent involvement in the workshops, such as:

This is a month where we need all parents to help us with sewing the children's costumes and the button blanket for TK. This requires a lot of help from parents.

This is also a month that involves sewing the aprons and hats that the children wear at the celebration.

This is the month that the most help is requested. This is when we are involved in making the - backdrops (we need people who can draw), making the costumes (we need sewers), making the mask (this is the one time when each parent is asked to make their child’s mask).

Making the costumes for the Fiesta (need people who can sew); Graduation Boxes (we need parents of graduating kids to make a memory box). Thank you in advance for your support and dedication. Welcome to the Art Workshop.

The Angel Heart Committee’s mission is to create a feeling of goodwill and caring within the Little Dolphins community. This committee responds to the needs of community members (students, parents, faculty and staff) during difficult/challenging times. We are here to support families during the birth of a child, hospitalization of a child or immediate family member (for non-elective surgery), or death in the immediate family. The Angel Heart Committee lends a hand in many ways, always discreetly. Notes of support are written, flowers or meals can be delivered, scheduling play dates, and offering carpool to families are a few examples that we have used, among other possibilities. The Angel Heart chair and committee members work with the director, assistant director and room parents in determining who is in need and coordinating the support. The goal in the end is to ensure that our community is always supported when in need.

The Books & Library Committee will coordinate with the Little Dolphins Director coordinating the Book Fair, Little Dolphins Book Club, and all other activities involving literature and literacy in the school in conjunction with the parents. As we seek out new and creative ways to connect with the parent body, this is one of the committees that can achieve that through additional touch points with parents (i.e. Parent book clubs, Children’s Book of the month home reading, suggested reading material, etc).

Traditionally, the Excursions Committee will offer ideas and help organize family field trips, dinners and other enriching opportunities that complement the school’s monthly curriculum. These events typically could be large group outings (i.e. Movie Night, the Huntington Gardens trip), or smaller, more informal ones, all of which almost exclusively occur on Fridays and on the weekends. Since the school does not put on field trips within school hours, this committee provides the community with the all too important opportunity to connect outside of the school structured time.

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for initiating and coordinating the Fall Annual Giving Campaign, the Spring Fundraiser event and other fundraising efforts for Little Dolphins.

The Fall Annual Giving Campaign will be a collective effort from the community of Little Dolphins families, organized by the committee, and will strive for 100% participation. Support in planning and executing the Spring Fundraiser is the primary function of the Chairs, and executing it the primary function of the members. A personal letter, composed by this committee, is sent out to the community explaining the importance of the Giving Campaign and what it is used for.

Support in planning and executing the Spring Fundraiser is the primary function of the Chairs, and executing it the primary function of the members. The Spring Fundraiser is an important event and one that creates an opportunity for Little Dolphins to support many aspects of the school’s financial needs, including support for financial aid students.

Planning for the Spring Fundraiser includes full event execution from the live auction, food, drink, and decor elements.The individuals who step into this role truly support in coordinating and managing the great work that this wonderful community does.

The Green Committee will lead Little Dolphin’s sustainability goals. Committee will help identify and make recommendations to relevant school issues, while coordinating greening education and activities for parents and students to better our school community.

The Hospitality Committee enhances parent moments at the school ranging from admissions tours, educational talks, and other events. They also will help bring additional thoughtful layers into existing curriculum events though Festivals and Workshops. Highlights include, helping welcome fellow community members to an event, setting up coffee, water, or breakfast pastries for a talk, or helping connect with other LD families that have connections for in kind donations to improve a celebration. Parents might also be tasked to assist set up for a Festival or Workshop, or help coordinate parking directives for events. Please note, the school has a budget for each event.

The Outreach Committee provides opportunities for the children and their families to participate in community service. At this level, the focus is on raising awareness and involving the children in helping others at an early age. We have found meaningful and creative ways to achieve this in recent years and we believe there are lots of ways we can show our little ones that they can make a difference.

As is the case with all other committees, finding creative ways to accomplish this while navigating COVID requires a creative approach. That said, it is as imperative as ever that we challenge ourselves and our children to find ways to support our community and the world around us.

The Room Parents are meant to be the anchor for each of the rooms as the ebb and flow of needs occur through the year. We are looking for two families from each room (at least one of the two families should be a returning family) who can maintain connection and communication with their class and the PTA Heads, as well as the director and assistant director. With this understanding as a backdrop, the Room Parents are expected to facilitate formal and informal gatherings outside of school, drive parent support to the school’s different needs, work as a go-to for new families, and are generally available to help galvanize their classroom in a connected and productive way.

The Yearbook Committee is responsible for creating and coordinating the yearbook. This involves taking photos throughout the school year and at all Little Dolphins functions, as well as keeping the photos organized online. Parents who are allowed on campus to take photographs will follow all current safety guidelines. At the end of the year, the committee will layout, design, produce and take orders for the yearbook.