Circle Time

encouraging mindfulness, curiosity, openness and imagination

In theater or on a film set, the best way to elicit the strongest performance from an artist is to create a safe space in which people feel free to reach deep within themselves, to connect with their own instincts and with the community in which they find themselves. Schools are no different. Little Dolphins seeks to create those safe spaces in which our kids can feel free to soar. Circle Time is perhaps the ultimate expression of this. Every part of the Circle Time experience is designed to bring kids closer to nature, to their families, and to one another. Gathering outdoors, under the olive trees in the Little Dolphins yard, we invoke the power of dramatic play, music, and dance from around the world to encourage mindfulness, curiosity, openness, and imagination. Our kids feel free to get lost in the moment, to revel in their curiosity, to connect and attach to themselves and to their community; parents, grandparents, and extended family can bear witness to the wonder and magic of these years, to literally watch as the kids’ consciousness expands to take in the world around them on a profound level. It is a space and time for us all to get lost in the moment, to feel loved and supported, appreciated and appreciative, to discover that we are all more alike than different. These are values that stay with and serve the kids for the rest of their lives. Circle Time is one of the reasons our kids do so well in the schools to which they matriculate.

B R I L L I A N C E !

Brilliance of colors, sound, and children’s laughter! - Gene Bowen, "Eagles" Teacher