Roots & Wings: The Little Dolphins Edition Summer Camp

Spanish Immersion and Makers Space Summer Immersion Camp

As the first early education school in the Los Angeles area to host a MakerSpace Camp recognized by MIT, we are overjoyed by the overwhelming participation and success of this summer’s MakerSpace. Each week the parents and teachers recognized the excitement and confidence the children exuded while exercising independence, exploring creativity, and building community. It is an incredible testament to how problem solving through creative thinking is an engaging and effective method for Experiential Learning.

Professionally trained and vouched by MIT Engineers and Designers, the Little Dolphins teachers use a curriculum that incorporates best practices recommended by MIT. This specialized curriculum focuses on equipping children with foundational skills of critical thinking and reasoning, as well as, sharpening character traits of resilience and empathy among Little Dolphins peers and the outside community. By fostering an environment of design thinking and hands-on learning at the highest level, we create a hub of Experiential Learning and influential skill building. The schoolrooms are transformed into state of the art MakerSpace stations with materials and tools to simulate MIT learning environments that provide a playground for imagination – a workshop for serious creation.

Whether it’s building life-sized cars, or designing costumes, the children have access to materials that grant them free artistic license to bring their ideas to life. The day is divided into two sections so as to exercise different parts of their intellectual, creative, and emotional growth. In the mornings, the children are introduced to a challenging project centered around the week’s themes and lessons. In the afternoon, children use free time to work on individual projects, many returning to improve on work from the day before. This gives children the freedom and opportunity to initiate action and allocate their free time as they see fit. Our children work confidently without teacher facilitation, as well as with others, to take risks and persevere in difficult situations.

This summer's MakerSpace truly became part of our own very special world. It was an incredible experience for everyone involved and is undoubtedly an invaluable asset for childhood development at any stage, but crucial at these early stages. With the success of this year’s camp and the praise for its programming, The Seven Arrows Way of Education will continue to raise the standard in childhood education by extending MakerSpace beyond the summer months into the year-round elementary curriculum.

Each week we will offer themed activities in both Spanish and English Instruction.

Day Camp:
9:00am - 3:00pm

$500 a week

Camp Location:
Little Dolphins By the Sea - 1812 Stanford, Santa Monica 90404

Summer Camp Schedule

MONDAY, JULY 10TH - FRIDAY, JULY 14TH: Da Vinci’s Inventions

Model yourself after the great Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci—artist, scientist, architect, engineer and inventor.
Da Vinci employed systematic observation, logical reasoning and experimentation to satisfy his curiosity, building flying machines, water systems and vehicles. Use your imagination to design and build a new device, gadget or machine!

MONDAY, JULY 17TH - FRIDAY, JULY 21ST: Animals and Habitats

Invent your own animal, or improve upon the design of your favorite! Build a habitat for endangered species, or model a new environment after those you have learned about.

MONDAY, JULY 24TH - FRIDAY, JULY 28TH: Dragons and Castles

Create your own world of medieval castles, knights and dragons. Design a moat to protect the fortress, engineer pulleys to lower the gate or construct wings to make your dragon soar!

MONDAY, JULY 31ST - FRIDAY, AUGUST 4TH: The Ocean and It's Hidden Treasures

Build boats and submarines by learning about the properties of water and what is needed to design a flotation device. Design pirate maps to find hidden treasure, or create locks to keep pirates out! Design and discover animal habitats, new sea animals, and other aspects of ocean life!

The camp is Spanish Immersion and Makers Space (one camp combining both of these elements in English and Spanish). For Kids Ages: 3 – 6 years or 6 - 10 Years

what are makerspaces?

The rise of the MakerSpace movement around the world is aimed at addressing modern day challenges with design thinking. It is rooted in belief that we must adapt to new changes in today’s technological world by adopting creative thinking and learning. This educational philosophy, which focuses on the development of creative thinking through hands-on, project-based challenges to promote problem-solving skills, aligns with the Little Dolphins-Seven Arrows principles and mission. We hope to foster a culture of innovation and visionary thinking, nurture students' creativity, imagination, and collaborative dexterity. Moreover, this method of learning will develop problem-solving skills through creative solutions.


- Fully-Equipped, Kid Friendly Makerspace Area where ideas come to life
- Lego Lab
- Sensory Station
- Wood Shop
- Green Screen Room
- Stop-Motion Animation Films
- Hands on Crafting Tables

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