Parent Committees

enhancing our program in specific areas

Art Workshop Committee - Weekly Involvement
As Little Dolphins parents, each and every parent is part of this committee automatically.

Art Workshop is a committee that is the lifeline to Little Dolphins every Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The Orange Room is set up for parents to come and participate in the Art Workshop. Domi, who is the Art Director of Little Dolphins, will put together instructions and specific projects that are needed for each month. Through these instructions, the Chairs of this committee will then guide and help parents during the workshop. The art projects and how they are put together are the vision and philosophy of the school and not that of the Chairs or the committee as a whole. Each parent who is involved on the committee is expected to follow the specific direction that is requested by Domi.

There are two specific times when we have the Art Workshops. We have the weekly workshop that is on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, which as we get closer to the Fiestas and Celebration of the months could be extended to five days. We also have a Night workshop, which has been put together by parents who because of work schedules could not participate in the mornings. This workshop is usually 6-8 pm or 7-9 pm here at the school.

Throughout the year, there will be one or two workshops where every parent is expected to do something specific for your own child-like ‘the mask’ for the African month in February and March, or the 'graduation box’ for all the graduating kids in June.

Like all the different Committees, the Art workshop plays a vital roll in the vision of our school. It is at the core of our curriculum and the wonderful and amazing artwork that comes home at the end of each month, is only made possible by all the support of the Art workshop. There is no prerequisite needed to participate in the workshop; all you need is the willingness to give your time.

The Art workshop has a lot of benefit to you as parents. It is like a backstage pass to a very special and unique place called Little Dolphins. Besides that, for all the new parents it’sone of the ways you get to meet and connect with the other parents in the school. It is also a great way to hear and understand what the returning parents' experiences have been in the school. It is a great way tomake friendships. Through the Art workshop you get to fully understand the standard and quality of the program. You will see why and how the projects are done; you will see first hand how each and every detail is being taken care of. It will also allow you to have a conversation with your child about the projects he or she did at the end of the month when the projects come home. It will give your child a sense of pride to know you have participated in some ways. It is also a validation to your child in how important his/her school is not only to him/her but also to you as a parent as well.

Through the Art workshop you get to see how the teachers interact with the children, as well as, how your child is developing in his/her social skills. It is a great way to see how your child behaves away from you within a big group; how he/she solves conflict; is he/she always in the same area or moves around; is he/she more involved with the adults or kids. These are insights that will allow you to know the temperament, as well as, the style that your child engages in at school, which is very different than the one you see at home or when he/she was in a mommy and me class that you were involved with. It is also a great way to seethe growth and change in your child in his/her social skills from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

Throughout the years, we have celebrations and plays that require more parent involvement in the workshops, such as:

November- Grandmother 's Day, as well as, Native American Celebration.
This is a month where we need all parents to help us with sewing the children's costumes and the button blanket for TK. This requires a lot of help from parents.

December - Festival of Light
This is also a month that involves sewing the aprons, as well as, hats that the children wear at the celebration.

February & March- Africa and the African Play
This is the month that the most help is requested. This is when we are involved in making the - backdrops (we need people who can draw), making the costumes (we need sewers), making the mask (this is the one time when each parent is asked to make his or her child’s mask).

May & June- Latin Fiesta and Graduation
Making the costumes for the Fiesta (need people who can sew); Graduation Box (we need parents of graduation kids to make a memory box. Thank you in advance for your support and dedication. Welcome to the Art Workshop.

Angel Heart Committee - Ongoing
The Angel Hearts Committee's mission is to create a feeling of goodwill and caring within the Little Dolphins community.

This committee responds to the needs of its community members. We are here to support families during the birth of a child, the hospitalization of a child or immediate family member (for non-elective surgery), or death in the immediate family.

The Angel Hearts Committee lends a hand in many ways, always discreetly. Notes of support are written, flowers or meals can be delivered, and children may transported to and from school, as well as for scheduled play dates.

Books & Library Committee - Once A Month
The Books & Library Committee will coordinate with the Little Dolphins Director, who will create the Recommended Reading List that concurs with the curriculum of the month. This committee is responsible for labeling and filing all new books, as well as keeping the current library orderly and organized by curriculum month. The Books & Library Committee will also coordinate the Book Fair, Little Dolphins Book Club, etc.

Excursions Committee - Once A Month
The Excursions Committee offers ideas and help organize weekend family fieldtrips, family dinners and other enriching opportunities that complement the school’s monthly curriculum

Fundraising & Auction Committee - Ongoing Involvement
The Fundraising Committee is responsible for initiating and coordinating the Fall Annual Giving Campaign, the Spring Auction Fundraiser Event and any other fundraising efforts for Little Dolphins. The Fall Annual Giving Campaign is a collective effort stemming from the community at large of Little Dolphins families; it is organized by the committee and strives for 100% participation. Coordinating the Spring Auction Fundraiser will include planning all aspects of the event including selection of a venue, planning the event schedule, coordinating sign-ups, soliciting help from Little Dolphins families, underwriting some of the costs, arranging for food and/or music, creating invitations, collecting auction items, designing the Auction catalog and coordinating the set-up and cleanup of each event.

Green Committee - Ongoing Involvement
The Green Committee helps Little Dolphins stay green, help with recycling, develops different means to help kids understand what it means to be green, and also oversee how as a school we can maintain being green.

Hospitality & Special Events Committee
A few times each year — October (Grandfather's Day), November (Grandmother's Day), December (Festival of Light), June (Moving-On Ceremonies) – Little Dolphins hosts a series of special events to which all parents and special guests are invited. This committee is responsible for coordinating our school's parents (by classrooms) to help with decorations, make name tags, to bring, set up, serve and clean up refreshments, etc. The Hospitality & Special Events Committee will enlist the help of the other Little Dolphins families by posting participation sign-up sheets for each of the separate events. We encourage parents to be creative in setting up a welcoming and festive atmosphere for the guests.

Music & Dance Committee
In conjunction with Gene Bowen, music teacher, the Music & Dance Committee helps provide music (cassette tape or CD) appropriate to the culture we are studying in our curriculum. The committee members will also bring different instruments from that culture for the Circle Time and Musical Theatre time. This committee will coordinate guest musician visits to Little Dolphins. The Music & Dance Committee will also help Gene play the music during school plays and performing dances for the various cultural themes, as well as, organize the two (2) dances of the year- October and India month. No dance experience is needed- everyone is welcome to participate!

Outreach Committee
The Outreach Committee provides opportunities for the children and their families to participate in community service. At this level, the focus is on raising awareness and involving the children in helping others at an early age. There are lots of ways we can show our little ones that they can make a difference!

Welcoming/New Families Committee
This is a committee that consists of returning parents who have been with the school two or more years with multiple children. The director assists at guiding new parents through their journey at the preschool. The Welcoming Committee welcomes new families at the end of the admission process, by coordinating mixers to help get to know one another and the school.

The Welcoming Committee members will also assist new families throughout the year by helping them in the beginning of the year through the transition of separation, getting acquainted with the Art workshops, as well as, their first Family of the Day. They will be available to answer any questions new families might have. The Welcoming Committee will also participate in coordinating events, like "Moms' Night Out" and "Dads ' Night Out", to bring families together throughout the year.

Yearbook Committee - Ongoing
The Yearbook Committee is responsible for creating and coordinating the Yearbook, which includes taking photos, purchasing supplies, collaging, and layout. Etc. This involves documenting throughout the school year and at all Little Dolphins functions, and enlisting the support of the parents to turn in photos of events to ensure that every child has a yearbook completed by the last day of school. The goal is to finish the yearbook by June.