Global festivals

promoting global conversation, learning and insight

Global Festivals is a speaker series that unites artists and scientists alike to visit the Seven Arrows Elementary and Little Dolphins by the Sea communities to listen to the greatest living thinkers alive, talk about life in an intimate and special setting.

Open to both the families of our preschool and elementary – as well as to our alumni and the greater communities of Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica – we invite influential cross-disciplinary speakers from all over the world to come share their intellectual and social capital with our school. We do this in the spirit of promoting global conversation, learning, and insight, as thought-leaders in the educational space. Visitors have included: Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. James Watson, Isabelle Allende, Dr. Howard Gardner, PhD., Dr. Judy Willis, Neuroscientist, Ned Hallowell, M.D., and celebrated writer Ray Bradbury, to name a few.