Due to COVID-19, until further notices, Roots & Wings classes will remain TBD, until it is safe to gather. We will be providing updates in the months to come.

roots & wings


Roots & Wings started as an after school day care for pre-school families needing more childcare after the 1PM dismissal and eventually grew into a rich set of extra-curricular activities and courses up to 6th Grade level. Theatre, music, dance, Spanish, early academics, cooking, arts, and sports programming quickly became weekly after-school staples for our community of students and parents, with all offerings keeping in line with the Seven Arrows Way of Education. Currently, Little Dolphin’s Santa Monica campus offers the following enrichment classes for preschool students.

Classes Include: Parent & Me, ABC Class, Alphabet Soup, Cooking and Spanish.


(Optional for current Little Dolphins students)
Children explore the exciting world of letters and numbers in this pre-kindergarten learning class, which becomes their first introduction to the academic world. The goal is to bring the alphabet to life; the class is designed to tap into each child's natural curiosity to learn and to have fun (play at this age) while doing it! The ABC Class provides a structured environment designed to ease the transition from preschool to transitional kindergarten, which not only helps children identify the alphabet and learn numbers, but also aids those who are developmentally ready to master the skill of reading and writing. This is done through teaching the whole language of learning. Children will learn to focus, have critical thinking, and strengthen their memory, which is a skill that will be critical in their learning.

Children should show an interest in learning about these areas before entering the class. This class is available to children ages 4 ½ years and up or to children who are developmentally ready for this program. The ABC Class hours are 1:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m., Monday – Thursday.


This is a class that introduces the alphabet to preschool students in a fun and hands-on way. The class will be based on art, music, and story. One alphabet letter is introduced and taught throughout the remainder of the week. This way, children experience the specific alphabet letter in a deep way through art movement and different literature, which promotes a higher level of language retention. This class is taught Monday through Wednesday, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.


Parent & Me classes are the perfect place to start your exciting journey with us. Created for babies, (infant to 1 year old), our goal is to enhance family bonding, by educating and guiding new parents in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.

Mindful parenting ensures that we are connected to our baby's inner world and our highly trained educators provide support and insight for each stage of your child's rapidly changing development. Most classes include songs, exercises, music and movement, as well as education, support, and effective parenting techniques for mom and dad. Our goal is that these classes be both informative and fun, allowing parents develop close relationships with other parents as their babies receive their first social experiences.

Classes vary and are offered weekly, including Grandparent & Me classes on Fridays and Daddy & Me brunch on Sundays. Each parenting session covers a variety of topics such as information on infant development, parenting, discipline techniques, sensory stimulation and practical topics. Our Community Center believes that the time in between birth and preschool readiness is a magical time – we hope you will join us on this adventure!


This class introduces children to different foods from around the world. We discuss where they come from, what their cultural meaning represents, and more importantly, how to prepare them. Each week a new food dish + origin country is chosen – one that is healthy, as well as simple to make — and allows children to engage in hands-on food preparation, all in the aim of bringing the fun IN and the mystery OUT of the art of cooking. Skills fostered in this class include: independence, focus, listening, and most of all being open to trying new foods each week. This is a fun and engaging class that will help children learn to focus and understand the world of academics, through numbers and simple math, served up of cooking and movement. Following direction, as well as developing listening skills, and hand-eye hand coordination are all skills that are as important as knowing the alphabet for feeling successful academically. Note: we are able to accommodate children with food allergies. Tuesday, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.


This class introduces a child to Spanish language learning and begins to set into motion the development of the bilingual brain early on at the preschool level. It is imperative to begin secondary language learning at this time because a large area of the brain cortex is uncommitted at birth. As a child grows, language and perception becomes the main functions of this area. For language, this area of uncommitted cortex serves as the part of the brain that allows one to retain vocabulary and remember how to use it. Beginning this process early on will enable a child to become committed to continue the study of that language – and increase the ease of additional language acquisition – well beyond his or her childhood years. We begin with Spanish and incorporate the rituals and artistic practices special to Latin Culture to make his preliminary language education as much of an immersive, sensory – and successful experience – as possible. All language classes are taught by native Spanish speakers, usually from Colombia, SA.


that each child is a whole human being who can learn problem solving, resilience and empathy."
- Hitomi Inoue, "Coyote" Teacher