In addition to a rich and diverse academic curriculum, Little Dolphins also focuses on fulfilling the social-emotional needs of every student.

We are committed to developing intrinsically motivated, self-aware members of the global community. Our conflict resolution and character development is founded on the belief that all members in our community are to strive towards being active, accountable members of society who are able to reflect on their errors and grow from their mistakes. We are influenced by the extensive research of Dr. Carol Dweck from Stanford University, and her research on the growth mindset, which clarifies that the only way to grow is through making mistakes. This, she says, is achieved by acknowledging the pain that one gets as one processes the feelings that are caused by making that said mistake. The importance of developing the self-awareness is to realize that behavior is a choice, and learning, to control one's own ability to learn, which is the pivotal growth point here. Thanks to positive reinforcement and natural consequences, Little Dolphins students become respectful and responsible young members of their community.

Little Dolphins is a special place where children come to learn, grow, and strive in a caring, loving, and accepting environment.

Everybody here – kids, teachers, and parents – are all treated equally, and with respect." - Max Nicholson, "Quails" Teacher