parent participation

community building

Participation in our activities is very important, not only for your child, but for the benefit of the school as a whole. We believe the process of community building is invaluable and truly reveals the beauty of the human spirit. There are many ways that parents can take part in the Little Dolphins community and we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. Please remember, you are obligated to follow through when you sign up!

Individual Parent Committees
Designed to enhance our program in specific areas, parent participation is essential and is required. Parent Meeting Once A Month: Held on the first Tuesday of every month (except September and June). This is a gathering for our preschool parents where the Executive Director and Preschool Director, come to discuss the various Little Dolphins activities and events.

Art Workshops: (Held Wednesdays and Thursdays (9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.) in the Orange Room.
The Workshops are a designated time to help prepare (ahead of time) the many art projects that form an essential part of our curriculum. Please do not feel obligated to stay for the entire time. However, your assistance, any time you can provide it, is greatly appreciated. Participation in the Art Workshop is everyone's responsibility and this activity is a wonderful way to understand our philosophy of education and be a part of its process. Parents should plan to participate in the workshops throughout the year.

Family of the Day
Each adult (preferably both) should plan on being a Family of the Day approximately two or three times per school year (a schedule will be sent out to all parents ahead of time). This is the ideal opportunity for you to help and participate at school for the day. The Family of the Day brings the snacks and juices for that day and assists the teachers and staff with various tasks and duties. The Director will provide a schedule of the day's duties. This special day is not "free-time" for parents to just visit with their child, but a time for being part of the school.

For me, being Family of the Day is such a treat because it’s the day we get a chance to meet with all the children during snack time, and we get to see them in the world outside of their families and see what they’re truly capable of. Sitting side by side, chatting, eating, asking for more strawberries please, and those sweet fulfilled smiles are enough to brighten anyone’s day.
- Jennifer Ollestad

We look forward to being Family of the Day because it’s the best way to get to know our children's environment from their perspective. Each time we have this opportunity we gain a renewed respect and appreciation for the wonderful teachers our children have. It's such a special day for all of us!
- Jessica and Jason Winn

The African Play and the Latin Fiesta Held in the spring, these events are made possible by our parent participation and support in the preparation process. Workshops are held Wednesdays and Thursdays up to one month prior to the events; parents can sign up to work on costumes, masks, backdrops, music, etc. As we get closer to the event, workshops will take place every day. Each event is a special time for everyone and it gives parents a unique and rewarding opportunity to be a part of the Little Dolphins team.

Circe Time
Circle Time is a ritual at Little Dolphins: it is also our outdoor class. It is a time when we all stop whatever we are doing and bring ourselves to the Circle to start and set the tone for our day. During this time we sing, dance, participate and learn the song of the month. We also acknowledge each other by saying good morning, we acknowledge our "family of the day", and we acknowledge the "birthday dream" child by singing Happy Birthday in 4 different languages. It is when we learn that we are also part of the bigger community at large.

Circle time is very special and sacred to us at Little Dolphins; we honor and respect this time we have with the children, as well as the parents. We also acknowledge the fact that we teach by modeling, so we as a school participate and follow the guidelines of the Circle. We ask parents to participate no more than twice a week and if they are in the Circle, to follow all the guidelines.

Special Events
Each year we have major performances including plays, holiday presentations. Little Dolphins families are an essential part of our audience and are invited to join in the festivities. Participation in such events greatly enhances your child's education. Taking time to be a part of this is a special way of being there for your child, therefore, we highly encourage both parents to attend when possible. Intergenerational programs provide opportunities to involve grandparents and other meaningful seniors in each child's life. As an important cornerstone of our program, the intergenerational experiences are rewarding for everyone and provide a wonderful legacy that is left with the school.

an important cornerstone of our program,

intergenerational experiences are rewarding for everyone and provide a wonderful legacy that is left with the school.